tree removal services in THE HOLLY & FENTON, MI AREA

Do You Have a Large or Dying Tree in Your Yard?

Call Clarkston Tree Service for Fast & Affordable Tree Removal in Holly & Fenton, MI & Surrounding Areas

Whether your 60-foot white oak was damaged in a storm or infected with a disease, you need to get rid of that dying tree.

Clarkston Tree Service specializes in removing large trees. Our Holly & Fenton, MI-based team provides residential and commercial tree removal services. We like to say that no job is too big or too small-no matter the size of the project, we'll remove the dying tree from your property.

After cutting down the tree, our trained professionals will finish up with stump grinding services. You'll be confident that the problem is taken care of when you see our skilled arborists turn your old stump into mulch.

Call us right away to schedule a tree removal. We offer 24/7 emergency service.

Learn more about our tree care services

You can depend on Clarkston Tree Service for more than just removing dead or diseased trees.

Our tree care services include:

-Tree removal

    Increase your curb appeal with professional tree removal services, call Clarkston Tree Service today!

-Stump grinding

  Once you've cut down that troublesome tree,  you’re left with an ugly stump in its place! Call us to remove the stump. 

-Tree trimming

   We prune trees to keep our homes safe, the neighbors jealous, and the value of our homes increasing.


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