wood recycling in THE HOLLY & FENTON, MI AREA

Did You Cut Down a Tree or Do You Have Wood Waste on Your Property?

Get rid of the debris with our wood recycling program

Don't let your wood waste away-recycle it with Clarkston Tree Service.

We'll take your chopped-up tree and turn it into something useful. Wood waste can be transformed into many beneficial products, including:

  • Paper pulp
  • Fuel
  • Animal bedding and litter
  • Mulch
  • Compost
Give your dead tree a second chance at life. Bring what's left behind to our store in Holly & Fenton, MI today.

Why recycle your wood?

The eco-friendly team at Clarkston Tree Service created a wood recycling program so we can all get the most out of a valuable natural resource.

If you remove a tree from your yard, don't consign the trunk and limbs to the trash. Instead, take the wood waste to our wood recycling center in Holly & Fenton, MI. You'll not only be reducing the amount of material in landfills, you'll also be cutting down on air and water pollution.

To learn more about our sustainable initiative, call us now.